Once again, October has come around, and we’re holding an AGM to elect our execs for the 2018 yeah.
We’ll be meeting on the 20th of October, in the Harry Heath Room, number CB1.3.26, for a 6pm meeting start time.

All of the club’s executive roles are up for election, and they are as follows

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Events Master
  • Quartermaster
  • PR Master
  • Competitive Events Master
We will be accepting nominations for these positions for the next two weeks, concluding at 11pm  on Thursday October 5th. Self nominations will need to be seconded by another member, and nominations of another person will be confirmed with the nominee.
Following these nominations, on October 6th an email will be sent out listing the nominees, detailing the agenda, specifying the procedure for voting at the AGM, and inviting questions for the nominees to be sent in ahead of time to save time on the AGM night.
Please send all nominations through to secretary@egg.org.au
They don’t need to be much, just an “I nominate [FirstName LastName] for the position of [Position]”.
I will also accept nominations through the email address activate has supplied the me with as EGG’s secretary, but I suspect their domain gets these emails flagged as spam
With regards,
Nathan Woods, Secretary