EGG SGM Notice for 1/3/17

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Hi Everyone, As was decided at our SGM last November, we’ve had a team working on a re-written constitution for the guild, and it’s now time to review it. The proposed constitution as it currently stands can be found on the EGG Wiki, at Any comment or feedback is welcome, (especially if you spot spelling or grammar mistakes. Best… Read more »

Australia Day LAN

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Weekdays: $2.50 Weekends: $5.00 BBQ: Gold Coin Donation Nothing quite says Australia Day like enjoying a barbeque and a day of gaming away with friends. As a certain Australian outlaw fixated on explosives would say, Happy Birthday (I mean, I’m sure there’s far more appropriate characters and sayings but this will do). So as one of the first of many… Read more »


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The time has come for our annual EGGMAS LAN! Come on down to the Harry Heath Room on the 16th where we’ll begin our long weekend of festive fun. The days and nights will be packed with plenty of silly games and tournaments to keep you entertained, as well as running the VIVE for those who need that extra bit… Read more »

Applications and Nominations for the E-Sports/Competitive Events Master Are Now Open

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As you may be aware from our previous meeting, a position has been opened for a competitive events master. Applications will be open for this position until Thursday @ 11PM. Please send any applications/nominations to under the following format. Name: Name of Nominee: Contact Phone Number (of nominee if possible): Why do you want this position?: OR Why do… Read more »

EGGMAS Movie Night

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It’s that time of year again where a small fortune is spent on lighting and delicious eggnog. So why not celebrate the festivities with some merrily-themed movies? All members are welcome to come on down on Wednesday 7th December, where we’ll be doing just that.

Rocket League Tournament (Microsoft Event)

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Microsoft is co-hosting an event with EGG at the Microsoft Store, all EGG members are welcome to join in and watch or participate in the tournament. If you’d like more information or are interested in participating in the event please feel free to contact an exec member via our Discord/Facebook page or any other convenient means. When is it happening? Monday 28/11/16… Read more »

Jackie Chan Movie Night

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Come relax after exams and join us for a night of Jackie Chan & chill. Movies Available: (Schedule will be decided at the event) Around the World in 80 Days City Hunter Drunken Master Drunken Master 2 Forbidden Kingdom Mr Nice Guy New Police Story Rumble in the Bronx Rush Hour Rush Hour 2 Shanghai Knights Shanghai Noon

Spooky Night 2016

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  If your finals aren’t enough of a scare for you, come join us for a night of horror-themed fun this coming Friday at the Harry Heath Room.

Annual General Meeting for EGG: The Gamers Guild

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Greetings all EGG: The Gamers Guild members!     It’s that time of year again where we get to elect next years servant executives for EGG: The Gamers Guild.   Nomination Period: Friday the 7th of October- Friday the 14th of October at 6:00pm Nominations Released: Friday the 14th of October at 7:00pm Questions Collection Period: Friday the 7th of… Read more »

Goodbye Harry Heath LAN

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Hey guys, It is sad to say, but the time has come for EGG to part ways with the Harry Heath room, so to that end we have decided to host a LAN for this special occasion. This LAN will be held in the Harry Heath Room starting Friday the 27th of May at 12pm and ending on Sunday the… Read more »