EGG SGM Notice for 1/3/17

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Hi Everyone,

As was decided at our SGM last November, we’ve had a team working on a re-written constitution for the guild, and it’s now time to review it.

The proposed constitution as it currently stands can be found on the EGG Wiki, at

Any comment or feedback is welcome, (especially if you spot spelling or grammar mistakes. Best we get them cleared away now rather than later) and can be sent as an email to

Any changes adopted from feedback will be added to the constitution as it appears on the wiki, and notes in the page history will show what changes have been made.

In just over two weeks, at 7pm on Wednesday the 1st of March, we will be holding an SGM to vote on whether or not to adopt the new constitution. The constitution will be as it appears on the wiki at 6pm on Saturday the 25th of February, and it should not be changed after that time. Should there be some change made to the page after 6pm, the page history can be used to show the constitution as it was at 6pm on the 25th.

We are currently awaiting confirmation of the location of the SGM, but once we have confirmation another email will be sent out providing the location, and another post will be made here.