It's time for the first BIG LAN

In the tradition of EGG, we'll be holding a weekend-long LAN to welcome our new members and also because it's a pretty good excuse to play games all weekend.

Our LANs are an open space for people to come in and game however they like, so while there will be a lot of PCs set up, feel free to also play some console games, pull out a board game, or even organise a RP session. When space in the Harry Heath runs out, we'll just spill out into the couch pit.


Date: Friday the 23rd to Monday the 26th of March
Time: From Midday Friday
Location: The Harry Heath Room, Level 3, The Tower Building (CB01)
Cost: $2.50 for Friday and Monday, $5 for Saturday and Sunday

LAN Guide

All of our computers will be set up and open for use.

  • You may be asked to jump off if you're playing single player and people want to play LAN games.

Desk space can be at a premium.

  • Don't set up a second monitor
  • Avoid putting TV screens on the desks (i.e the tables with power and ethernet connected). We can set up other tables for these to go on.
  • Laptops are better on tables rather than the desks
  • If you want to hook up a console, that's fine, but don't do that at an EGG PC.
    • If you've brought your own PC in and you want to connect the monitor into a console that's fine but you'll need to set up in a way that you're not taking up extra space doing so.
  • Some of these concerns might not be always there throughout the LAN, but at the same time we can have a bunch of people turn up and it's kinda sucky to have to wait for someone to finish a 40 minute game of DOTA to be able to set your computer up.

These Events do go overnight and people are welcome to stay as long as they like. 

  • But please... remember hygiene and that other people are in the space. We reserve the right to boot you from the room if it's been too long since you showered last.

You're free to bring in your own PCs.

  • We have some extra screens, power cables, and ethernet¬†cables available but these are first come, first served.
  • You're also obviously free to do whatever you want on your own computer.

The drinks in the fridge are free for anyone that has paid for the event.

  • Similarly, if you take a free drink you need to pay.

You're welcome to drop in and check out the event, but if you want to use EGG equipment then you'll need to pay.

  • "EGG equipment" includes our PCs, the EGG internet connection, and our non-electronic gaming supplies.
  • Similarly, you will be asked to pay if you've been at the event for a few hours regardless.
  • For newbies, the exec are often happy to let you participate before paying to get a feel for the event.