EGG is run by our Executive Committee, consisting of our President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Master, Quartermaster, PR Master, and Competitive Events Master.

Assisting them are a team of Lieutenants and Specialists, you can learn more about them below.

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Responsibilities: The President is the big boss of the guild, working with the other Exec to ensure the smooth operation of the guild while also being the primary representative of the guild.

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Responsibilities: The Vice works with our President to help run the guild, they’re also the boss of our volunteers(Known as Lieutenants), helping to organise the people power needed to make our events run smoothly for our members.

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Responsibilities: The treasurer manages all of our funds, ensuring that we raise the money we need so we can keep our equipment and games collection up-to-date while having the extra we need to run fun events for all our members.

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Responsibilities: The Secretary is the exec responsible for making sure everything happens, they keep the minutes of all meetings, manage communication, and ensure that everything we decide to do gets done.

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Responsibilities: The Events Master is the one who makes sure all our venues are booked for every event and typically takes care of organising any grants or bookings associated with our major events.

The Lieutenants

The Lieutenants are our general volunteer team.

They help run our events by helping out with setup and pack up as well as generally supervising along with the Exec team.

The Specialists

As the name implies, Specialists are a special set of volunteers.

instead of helping out with events they help out the club by offering their skills such as graphic design, webmastery, and whatever else the club needs.