Good news! EGG doesn’t just exist in the Harry Heath room, we also exist on the internet. Aside from this webpage, you can also chat with us on our Discord.

Of course, given our various MMO, MOBA, and other gaming addictions we also have a variety of clans, guilds, and the like on online games. You can find a list of these on the left and all EGG members are welcome to join any listed, where one isn’t listed we just wanted to let you know what server we’re on so we can play together.

You can also check out our Twitch stream if you want to see what’s happening in the room but can’t quite make it in. Typically it will be streaming when we have an event running.

Final Fantasy XIV

Data Center: Aether
Server: Cactuar
Free Company: The Big Brekkie [EGG]


Guild Name: Botes