Welcome to our inn!

EGG regularly hosts firesides with our official EGGnappers‘ tavern. On these nights we have people from all over the place crashing EGG to hang out and potentially compete to win some prizes!

Don't be scared. Come in, have a seat!

First timers are always welcome, but we need to let UTS security know with at least 2 days notice.

You let us know by clicking on the Fireside you’re planning to attend and filling out the registration form there.

Ohohoho - it's good to see you again!

For those that become regulars, we do ask that you sign up as a member of EGG.

The price for students and staff of UTS is $5 for the year while for externals it’s $25. This covers you not only for entry to any of our Firesides for the rest of the year, but also gives you access to all of our other events, (Including the eight regular events we run weekly)

Upcoming Firesides

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