The vast majority of our events happen in the Harry Heath room and not everyone knows where that is. so check out the visual guide on how to get there below.

If you're lost, pinging @EGGxec on the discord should get someone to help you out.

If you're looking up the room number it's CB01.03.26

The Harry Heath room is in the Tower Building (CB01).

If you're entering after hours (After 9pm on Weekdays or any time on the weekends) then you'll need to go past security. Students and Staff can tap their UTS id for entry, while externals will need to show their EGG card and may need to confirm they're attending the EGG event.

Once you're past security you'll need to go across the foyer, past the elevators, to the set of stairs going down to the concourse.

This will take you near the concourse cafe as well as the ActivateUTS front desk.

Once down the stairs you want to turn around to your left, there will be a door leading to a ramp that runs parallel to the stairs you just went down.

Following the ramp all the way to the end, you'll find yourself near the UTS Students Association offices.

To the left at the end of the ramp you'll see a large glass door leading to the Activate Marketplace and stairs leading outside. Between those is the small door in the centre of the picture, that's the Harry Heath room!