Who are we?

We are EGG: The Gamers Guild – a collection of people who are passionate about games and gaming and an affliated ActivateUTS Social club. We’re here to have a good time, to promote the excellent medium of games and maybe to reshape peoples’ perception of what games and gamers are all about.
You can sign up to the club through the ActivateUTS website here.
You will need to sign up for an account through that site and the site accepts paypal payments.
We cover a large variety of games ranging from electronic games to non-electronic.

In the spectrum of electronic games we are up to date with the latest MOBAS (e.g. LoL, DOTA2, SMITE), in the know with MMO’s (e.g. Wow, Black Desert, Guild Wars 2, Warframe) and any miscellaneous FPS, ARPG, RTS and etc.

For non-electronic games, we cover Pen’n’Paper RPGs (e.g. D&D, Shadowrun, BESM, Pathfinder, WoD), exotic card games (e.g. Legendary Encounters, Magic the Gathering), strange and delightful miscellanea (e.g. Mysterium, Codename) and everything else strange and unusual.

Upcoming Events